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"Bringing The World Closer To You" 

Convenience At Your Finger Tips and actually what do we meant by that?

JimmyTanGL.com was established in late 2007 and set to provide informations and convenience for those who need it. We strive to do the best to bring the most accurate and up to date information to all. In this fast growing world, we are all in need to update and upgrade ourselves and the information provided here may indeed be of much help to you. Our main objective is to help in every way we can, so as to be able to "Bring the world closer to you". We understand time is precious to all of you, especially in your busy and stressful daily schedule, it would be a comfort to bring convenience to you by means of providing resources here that you can find just by a click from your finger, sitting at the comfort of your chair may it be from the office or home, anytime, anywhere, just when you feel like it.

We are always in the process of improving this site to serve you even better and if there is any kind suggestion, help us to achieve our dreams of "Bringing The World Closer To You" , by sending a feedback to support@jimmytangl.com. We appreciate your kind support and will definitely look into it and implement it at the most appropriate time.

If you found this site to be of any assistance, please forward it to your friends and relatives.

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Introduction to our site and the services that it provides.

My SuperStore
This page brings you to our SuperStore where you can find thousands of items which you might need. It is a convenience store, all you need to do is to click, select, order and wait for them to deliver. This is what we meant by providing convenience to you. Just go to "Browse by Category" on the right and select what you are looking for.

Product Features
If you are looking for some electronic products, we might be of help by providing the detail  specifications and features of the product that interest you before you make the final decision to invest in it. If it is not found here, drop us a mail at addnew@jimmytangl.com and we will put it up as soon as we can. We hope that this will add to your convenience the next time you or others are looking for it.

eBooks / Continual Learning Center
Wanting to learn new languages, skills, hobbies, interests, our daily essential needs, etc?
This page brings you to our library of ebooks with short preview of what we have in store for you.

Take a look inside here and find a variety of topics that some of us are looking everyday.

Music Center
Music Center is a compilation of videos from some of the great names in the music industry.
Click on the artist name and it will bring you to a page where some song titles (sung by the artist) are listed.
There are even some with karaoke clips for you to join in the fun and blast out your heart with your favorite hits.

Contact Us
For any doubt or follow-up and support, please visit this page.

So do have a good day and remember,

"It's our pleasure to be of service to you. Your satisfaction is our main objective."

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